After War Gundam X Updates...and Maybe Answers

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After War Gundam X Updates...and Maybe Answers

Post by LightningCount » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:01 pm

As Sunrise's Hideyuki Tomioka kind of let slip during the Nozomi/RightStuf panel at Otakon, Gundam X is finally coming to Blu-ray, and it will be remastered with tons of extras. Release date is March 23, 2018 in Japan.

As such, the creators are talking, both on these discs and on Twitter.

Character designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura says he doesn't like the notion that people say Gundam X was "cancelled." He says it should be clarified that it was only shortened and restructured, no different than what happened with Gundam 0079. The full story and Blu-ray info are here along with messages from screenplay writer Hiroyuki Kawasaki and manga artist Koichi Tokita: ... us/.120696

The extras on this release, especially the new audio commentary, sound like an amazing chance to learn more about what happened and what could have been: "The collection will include re-mastered versions of the 39 anime episodes, a 36-page video jacket art booklet, a 64-page special booklet, the opening and ending songs, a collection of the commercials for the plastic figures, the trailer for the first episode, a re-release of the 144-page digital archive booklet included in the DVD memorial box released in 2005, a collection of videos from the games that Gundam X appears in, a new audio commentary, and a special 4-page leaflet from the staff. The total run-time is 970 minutes."

There is a promo for the new Blu-rays here, but the new trailer is region-locked: I imagine RightStuf will put out a North American version eventually. Based on what's happening with G-Gundam (its Blu-rays are coming 2018 outside of Japan), I'd guess sometime in 2019.
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Re: After War Gundam X Updates...and Maybe Answers

Post by Amion » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:51 pm

Good news for Gundam X fans from here to the moon. (sorry, couldn't resist the bad joke) I'm sure many hope to see their curiosity sated after all these years of mystery.

Thanks for sharing this, Count.
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