Possible unreleased track for Gundam Unicorn OST 4?

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Possible unreleased track for Gundam Unicorn OST 4?

Post by andrepyon » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:12 am

So, there's a bit in EP. 7 of the OVA (I assume it's in the same segment in the rehashed show) when Angelo leaves the wreckage of the Rozen Zulu to go to the Sinanju's cockpit and find Full Frontal. The music changes from On Your Mark to this little snip of music before returning to the other song. However, I cannot find this little bit of music anywhere. Is there some hidden or unreleased track I don't know about or is it hidden in another track and I've just not paid attention these past three years?

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Re: Possible unreleased track for Gundam Unicorn OST 4?

Post by AmuroNT1 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:45 pm

What might have happened is Bandai used a snippet of music from a stock music archive rather than composing an entire track for just a brief scene. Something similar happened with "Kamen Rider Decade", where some music didn't show up on the OSTs. Then one day, someone was watching "Minute to Win It" and heard one of those tracks as BGM. Checking the credits, he discovered that the song came from a library of stock music that both shows had just happened to license.
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Re: Possible unreleased track for Gundam Unicorn OST 4?

Post by Areku » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:39 pm

I think andrepyon might be pretty close on this one. The mystery music has a lot of Sawano's signature touches*, and it almost sounds like a piano version of a cross between the backing vocals from Re: I Am played forward and parts of On Your Mark played backward.

Unfortunately, I don't have time/software to jump through the hoops of directly listening to the mystery music backwards, but after listening to On Your Mark backwards, I'm pretty sure that's at least part of where it came from.

* I'm no music major, but I can hear a track for the first time and within 2 seconds tell you if it was composed by Sawano, Yuki Kajiura, Yugo Kanno, Kenji Kawai, Toshihiko Sahashi, Koh Otani or Yasuharu Takanashi. Yoko Kanno's really diverse, she can hide for up to 10 seconds. Anyway, this mystery music was definitely composed by Sawano.

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