So...what are these things's real name?

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So...what are these things's real name?

Post by Kuruni » Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:10 pm

Basically, I won't grab whatever present on Robotech fansite. However, these have source cited, so it should be worth posting here. But first, is there anybody can indentify their real name?

Pair of Inbit's mech from "Animedia's Genesis Climber Mospeada Color Graffiti" ... cout1a.gif ... forcer.jpg

Hargun's variant from "B-Club Special: Megazone 23, Parts I, II, and III Perfect Data Book" ... hargun.jpg

Zentraedi's battle pod from "Macross DYRL Sega Source Book". ... t_pod1.jpg

*EDIT* Just realised some of Macross 2036's stuff are already included, leave only these two...

While Rogran-Rau is already include, scan at GEARS Online has katakana read Shrukeru-Ger

And this is Rogran-Rau

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