Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

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Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by Soul Bro Ryu » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:07 am

Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 132 - "From Heero to Wing Zero!"
- Download Now!: 64 kbps - 156 min., 41 sec. (2:36:41) - 71.8 MB

Episode Summary:
Joined by AmuroNT1, we discuss several of the mangas based on Gundam Wing - Blind Target, Episode Zero, Ground Zero, Battlefield of Pacifists & The Last Outpost!

Special Guest: AmuroNT1

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Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro: "Neo's News/The Hopers & Dreamers Corner/The Old Timey Drama Hour"
Runtime: 0:00:00 - 0:38:31

02. Anime Addicts Anonymous (Podcast)
Runtime: 0:38:31 - 0:39:05

03. Pretentious Internet Theatre (Podcast)
Runtime: 0:39:05 - 0:39:33

04. Extended Segment: "Manga Spotlight - 'Gundam Wing Roundup! - Blind Target, Episode Zero, Ground Zero, Battlefield of Pacifists & The Last Outpost"
Runtime: 0:39:33 - 2:27:41

05. Second Opinion Games (Podcast)
Runtime: 2:27:41 - 2:28:39

06. SSAA Podcast: The Ass-Backwards Anime Podcast (Podcast)
Runtime: 2:28:39 - 2:29:30

07. Outro: "Closing/Shoutouts/Peep the Websites!"
Runtime: 2:29:30 - 2:36:41

Many thanks to AmuroNT1 for joining us again for this episode! Make sure to check out his reviews at MAHQ.net!

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Many thanks for listening!
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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by YokozunaBulldozer » Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:17 am

To further peak your interest in Iron Leaguer gentlemen, The main protagonist robots for Silver Castle are composed of the following:

Magnum Ace(Baseball)
Mach Windy(Soccer)
Kiai Ryuken(Karate)
Bull Armor(Football)
Top Joy(Basketball)
GZ(Pronounced Gee-Zet, stands for Ground Zero. Ice hockey)
and the low tier lackeys painted in purple.

The main top dogs for Dark Prince are the Gold Brothers who have some ridongculous names:

Gold Arm(Baseball)
Gold Foot(Soccer. Voiced by Ikari Gendo himself Tachiki Fumihiko)
Gold Mask(Baseball)

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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by sakurangel » Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:15 pm

funny chris mention the bug on the forums about the post... over 3 years and still 0 post :)... love to know the existence of wing boys mangas, i hae more material to look for
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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by bullethead » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:45 pm

I'm disappointed that there were no references to the G-Unit rap group.

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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by Soul Bro Ryu » Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:00 pm

bullethead wrote:I'm disappointed that there were no references to the G-Unit rap group.
There was, but inbetween segments ^_^
We couldn't resist:

I meant to close the ep with this but totally forgot
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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by LightningCount » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:00 pm

Very interesting topic! I finished the Episode Zero segment, and want to comment before I continue on listening. I have some things to comment on and/or point out.

In general, I think of Episode Zero as a rough cut of meaningful episodes that were lost in the TV series. I would love to see a cleaned up/refined OVA series covering this material. (And one would think that the Wing series, given its popularity and sales, deserved as much a long time ago). If these episodes had been produced in place of the two filler episodes in the middle of the series, I wonder if the reaction would have been different to the series and its characters as a whole. While not flawless, these vignettes really solidify a lot of the more vague or subtle elements in the series, and much of its feels right on the money in terms of in-universe logic. I agree that it's must-read for Wing viewers/fans, and I consider the gist of it canon. Despite its few negatives, I think it strengthens Wing's world. While some of it is forced, I like the overall interconnectedness of the characters and locations and items, as Gundam Wing was often a very interconnected, character-driven universe with a play-like quality.

You really did an excellent job covering the main points of the manga, and there are a lot to cover. But here are a few interesting notes that you overlooked, and thoughts I'd like to add to the discussion:


*We get a look at Howard and the creator of Duo's Gundam sealing away Peacemillion, a deep space exploration ship, because it will be of no use in the current era. Howard says he's walking away from it all to go to Earth and be near some waves.


*it shows that it is Quinze who leads the attack that Odin Lowe's operation is connected to, establishing Quinze as a rebel after the original Heero Yuy's death. It also establishes a rift between Quinze and Dekim that may eventually lead to the White Fang movement occurring in advance of The Barton Foundation's Endless Waltz moves. Also, it shows Dekim cleaning up Quinze and Odin's failures by offing Odin.

*While I agree that the ages are hard to swallow, perhaps the After Colony world, with its wars and militarism, has resulted in younger and younger soldiers.

*Trowa's mercenary leader has a right eye that is scarred shut. Is this why Trowa's mask has its scar-like right eye?

*The planes that bomb Trowa's place based on Middie's tracker bear a strong resemblance to the Gaw transports of Universal Century.

*Zechs' interaction with Relena, where he calls himself a "prince of the stars," creates a plausible explanation for Relena's question of whether Heero later on is "a little prince."

*The Relena introduction to thin air is so strange in the series, but the meaning behind it here makes it add up and gives some of the strange moments like that more relevance/poignancy.

*Odd as it may be, I sometimes wonder if it wasn't Heero there. In the earliest episodes, St. Gabriel's is a place that Heero is able to infiltrate easily, as if he'd been there before, and his reaction to the Alliance Hospital where Sally is in the area makes one wonder if he had cased the place in the past or set it up as a fallback plan with Dr. J given his past experiences. A later chapter seems to support some combination of this theory.

*Wufei may be a scholar at the start, but he's still skilled in martial arts, as well as very abrasive and obstinate even before adopting his late wife's beliefs. So his change isn't so much in personality as much as in focus.

*His opinion of his late wife and his adopting of her ideals in spite of himself puts a lot of new meaning into everything Wufei says and does in the series. In some regards, he becomes the most complex character, and deciphering him becomes both easier and harder. In the end, I think this chapter does the most help in explaining a character's actions/words. And if anyone doubts the credence of Episode Zero in the overall sense, the creators must have had SOME of this in mind, because otherwise why would Wufei have "randomly" called Shenlong Nataku throughout the series without any given explanation?

*Having Sally there is convenient, sure, but it nicely establishes her as an open-minded soldier with a care for humanity and a stance of going against the grain that shows in her later roles of doctor and rebel in the TV series. From the series, we can assume she has a connection to or heritage with East Asia, and so being near or involved with a colony connected to East Asia makes some sense.

*The extra Tallgeese may be THE Tallgeese, in my mind. We know the doctors were involved in its development, and during this phase of development (or obsolescence as a museum piece) it may have fallen into Master O's hands. Even if it didn't, having a Gundam engineer playing around with a Tallgeese, the cousin/predecessor of the Gundams, is not so strange.


*Scene 1 with Heero seems to add some credence to Relena's chapter about Heero being familiar with the St. Gabriel Institute, and features some very referential panels involving a fence and binoculars, and the famous hand in the face pose from the TV's OP.

*Scene 6: Relena's encounter with the stuffed bear in the snow in the OP is shown on her visit to the colonies prior to when she and Heero meet, also tying together with Heero paying respects to the girl with the dog he killed, and, much like with the Noventas, he decided that he must kill himself to atone for his botched mission containing collateral damage. Dr. J stops him with his mission, but it tells you the mood Heero is in when he is heading toward Earth, and why he's ready to throw away his life multiple times after losing to Zechs during reentry.

*Scene 7 explains the mysterious detonator in Heero's space suit, and why it misfires in Episode 1.

*Scene 8 explains how Wufei got the suitcase of money for those explosives in Episode 4, and also foreshadows Altron Gundam (via the clan's item of heritage). It also reestablishes Master Long, who appeared earlier in this manga, and has an important role for Wufei's development later in the TV series.

*This didn't necessarily do much for me, and felt more like fan service. Though, I suppose it does show more of how the Preventers would act going forward.

As a random note overall, it's worth noting that Episode Zero does a good job establishing/re-establishing places in the AC world, like MO-III.
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Re: Ep. 132 - From Heero to Wing Zero!

Post by Destiny_Gundam » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:04 pm

Soul Bro Ryu wrote:There was, but inbetween segments ^_^
How come you don't post those to youtube anymore? They were the sole reason I subscribed to the channel :lol:
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