PHASE 5: Natural Coordination (14th Fleet)

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Harken watched as the distance closed on the Drake class that was now making a run for it; they were close enough.

"Match speed; don't close any further. relay the same to the rest of the fleet."

-Captain's Stateroom-

Nakamura reached the door which bore his uncle's name. He knocked; he was sure the idiot was in there since he could hear the tones of the Cello echoing within.


Nakamura entered the room since it was unlocked. but His uncle wasn't in the place Nakamura expected. The semi-circle of cat photos in which he was sure his uncle usually played was empty and the Cello was echoing... from the Bathroom?


Cynthia was ready to launch at any time. The wingmen whom she had called to test their skills had finally arrived and taken their places in their MS. She'd have to wait to chew them out for insubordination later since unnecessary chatter would be frowned upon.

-Captain's Stateroom-

As the rear admiral began to draw the bow back to play another note the sound of loud banging came from the door of the bathroom. Hiroshi himself could only see the edge of the door though the frosted glass.

"Please do come in I believe the door is unlocked."

In came his beloved nephew looking rather annoyed.

"ah! Naka-chan have you come to watch me play?"

Nakamura had certainly not expected this. The Admiral in all his 'splender' was sitting (fully clothed) in the shower with his Cello beside him.

"What are you doing you're needed on the bridge?"

"Oh... so that was why they tried to call me?"

"wait you heard them calling and you didn't answer?"

"well you see Naka-chan I would have but... it seems I am stuck here. I came in here to practice a little with my Cello, since the acoustics in here are so good, but it seems the shower door is stuck."

baka-uncle Nakamura stepped forward to open the door to the shower however he found it, per his uncle's description, stuck and could not move it with all his might.
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The comm line to the Mobile Suits strapped to the hull crackled to life.

"Falcon Team, units 2 and 3, you are now cleared for launch. Assume positions on the forward hull, keel-side. Repeat, units 2 and 3, launch and assume forward positions, keel-side."

James looked up as the announcement came through. He had been mulling over what to do as the 'possible ATLAS contact' message came through, and he supposed this was the answer...

"Falcon 3, you're up in the launch order. After you..." he said, a little sarcastically. He was no good at waiting.


Stan continued scanning the forward arc, starboard bearing. Dalos would assume position directly under him, oriented 180 degrees so that he also saw the forward/starboard arc, but on the bottom-side of the hull. James would take up position under Sanna, forward-port-keelside. This way there would be less of a chance of sneak attacks from below. He hoped, anyways.

"Falcon Team, units 2 and 3, you are now cleared for launch. Assume positions on the forward hull, keel-side. Repeat, units 2 and 3, launch and assume forward positions, keel-side."

He sighed in relief, he wasn't sure if they were ever going to get cleared. Stan switched his comm to team broadcast. "Alright, Frame Alpha-6, and standby until contact. Sensors on active, make sure they don't drop any surprises behind them as they go. Mines make a bad day for everybody."
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