PHASE 6: Talk about a massive death Shoal [ATLAS and ZAFT]

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PHASE 6: Talk about a massive death Shoal [ATLAS and ZAFT]

Post by Wedge14 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:18 pm


O'Connor's orders were simple, the ms teams launched without catapults and floated towards the debris concealing themselves. Meanwhile their ships simply vanished, and had relocated in a position that would put themselves below the Granzi fleet. They had set up a perfect ambush and those coordinator bastard's would walk right into it.


The bridge was dead silent, they had lost all connection with the away team. Well they could contact them if they wished, but broadcasting such a distant message would give away their signal.

Wayans stood near the gunnery stations, he had been explicidly been ordered to wait until the coordinators were in such a position their guns would not be able to miss.


O'Conner was alone way up front and much more exposed then the rest of the ATLAS pilots, he would be the one to lead the demons into the range of the ATLAS guns.

He squinted as he made out the distinct shape of two three man MS teams. He could easilly make out the ships, but it be the mobile suits.

He said a prayer as he recalled the plan in his head.

He would fire, and draw attention from the enemies. Once they were on his tail he would quickly lead them into the range of their ships guns which would in no doubt quickly disperse the enemy.

That's when everyone would suddenly join the attack, the other ATLAS pilots who had taken refuge in the debris would quickly cut off the ZAFT devil's escape route and eliminate them.

O'Conner smiled and suddenly pulled the trigger.


Ed had been minding his own business when suddenly a harmless asteroid infront of hims exploded.

A loud "Huh?" was all he said before a moments later his machine took a shell right in the upper legs, and was blown into two.


Granzi lurched forwards in her seat. "did they find something?"

"I think something found them ma'am!"
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Post by Kylern » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:53 pm

-Kyle Ryder-

He had gotten the order to launch and knew he could finally do something around here. Quickly he got suited up and made his way to the Alie Dagger L that he hadn't gotten to use much outside of simulation. Thank goodness his experience was well honed with other machines into the 101 and Strike Dagger as well the Mobius mobile armor.

The machine started up and it had a beam rifle and shield latched to it. Orders had been to drift out and catch the enemy by surprise which shouldn't have been too difficult. So as ordered he positioned himself behind some debris and waited for the enemy to get close enough to spray it with beam fire.

"One, two, three..." Kyle counted to himself as he waited for the first shot and once O'Connor let it fly the Dagger L readied to whip around as soon as the enemy made its move towards him. They would never be expecting was to come...
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Post by The Loser Villain » Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:56 am


Following the Commanders orders, Chien launched his Aile Dagger L by drifting out of the hatch. Positioning himself behind the remains of a ship he waited for the moment that they were to attack.

"Damn you and your hunches Patty," he muttered to himself.
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Post by Ziryab » Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:49 am

Nosi, bridge

The ocher complexion of Cherryh's knuckles were becoming pale as he gripped the helm. Nothing but monitor lights and the silence of a room full of people collectively holding their breath.

A chill skittered up his spine the moment he spotted a flash of light across the distance in this debris field. Only slumping his shoulders down again with the fleck was responded by a small globule, an explosion.

O'Connor scored a hit he surmised and began adjusting his body into a comfortable position in the helmsman seat.

Just like the old days, trying to calm himself. Just like the old days.
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