Blade Runner 2049

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Blade Runner 2049

Post by lalahsghost » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:51 am

Brief summary, will elaborate if interest develops. (Time vs Effort)

Nowhere near as philosophically poignant as the original, but tries.

Cinematography - great. Thousands of stills could be pulled, developed and framed.

Acting - present and accounted for, nothing to call home about.

Story - present and engaging, not entirely thought provoking, kinda force fed and predictable.

Character growth - yep, for some.

Environment - for 110 million budget, many sets and locations just don't have the depth and futuristic feel of the last film. Agent K's apartment was halfassed, Police dept was spot on. Wallace industries - I expected more.

Harrison Ford needs to retire, like ten years ago. Ughhhhhh.....

Feels? Yep, if you're a fan... :shock: :oops:

"Like tears in the snow..."

7.5/10 Would watch again.
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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Post by tHeWasTeDYouTh » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:33 am

I am going to see it tomorrow and I just hope they at least get the music right. I like the actors in it but who know if they can live up to the original
Also I never knew that freaking commander Adama was in the first movie!!!!! and he literally hunts replicants which are sort of like human-cylons!!!! and instead of toasters they are skin-jobs

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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Post by Gundam4Fun » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:51 am

Really love this movie, I wish there were more 2D in my city.

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