The need for prototypes to surpass the mass-production models

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Re: The need for prototypes to surpass the mass-production models

Post by Gelgoog Jager » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:57 am

yazi88 wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:51 am
Yeah, the MAHQ profile even says that the Ground GM uses the Ground Gundams parts. So how could the Ground GM come first if it uses some of the Ground Gundam's parts? Also, the Ground Gundam was made first because it used the RX-78's spare parts.
There seems to be claims in both directions, but Mark did found one explanation that seemed to reconcile these different views:


In short, these two machines were developed in parallel: the RX-79[G] was produced using the leftover complements from the RX-78 development while the RGM-79[G] was built in the same production lines for gathering data for later GM models. These units are essentially siblings, not quite compatible with any other EF model (leaving aside some even more rare prototypes, such as the Blue Destiny units) and whose development mainly obeyed the EFs need for stepgap units that allowed them to stop Zeon’s advances while development of mass production models bore fruit.

The Gundam [G] has slightly higher performance thanks to the Gundam parts, but since the components of the GM [G] are more readily available you can expect that in the long run all surviving [G] units would end up with performance closer to the later, as the prototype components break down and need to be replaced with available parts.

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