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Re: Zaku The Origin

Post by JEFFPIATT » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:17 am

Gelgoog Jager wrote:
Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:12 pm
Out of curiosity, how many YMS-03 units are the Y-02 team using for their training? Perhaps the issue could be the high cost of the Bugu, which makes producing multiple units for combat training undesirable/unfeasible and thus the YMS-03 provides a more economical alternative.

Perhaps another way to put it is: do we know how many MS-04 were built, because as far as the OVAs are concerned we could assume that there's a single MS-04 unitthat was used for testing on U.C. 0077 and was later assigned to Ramba Ral as his personal machine.

If the Bugu's high cost do is a limitation that restricts the number of available units, then it makes sense that the YMS-03 is brought back into action in order to gather combat data for the upcoming mass production MS-05, namely for team tactics or for anti-MS combat.
They also don't usually hand the New high-end equipment to Cadets in combat training. the MS hasent been around long enought for Zeonic to have specialized Trainer units so the outdated MS-03 units were assigned to training use until they built the MS-06T. Zeon hasent reached the point where they have an equivalent to the T-34 Mentor. in real life before we had dedicated aircraft for training new pilots they pulled old fighters out to train with.

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