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Post by SonicSP » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:50 pm

From what I can tell:

Paragraph 1

- The scythe only has one blade because the other was damaged during the Calamity War.

- One of the Gjallahorn Gundams. Owned by the Nadira family who is under suspicion for corruption.

- It mentions that its biggest feature is the overwhelming defense due to Nanolaminate Coat that covers the entire body. (they actually spelled it "coat" [コート] in katakana, not armor).

Don't know whether this is an alternate casual term for Nanolaminate Armor, or whether it refers to a different special version of sorts.

Paragraph 2

- They made the scratchbuild gunpla model with a strict production schedule of substantially less than one month. Usually the Moon Steel ones takes around two months, including preparation time. They considered postponing the posting of the gunpla, but the modeler (Nozomu Nakai) managed to complete it within the limited time.
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Post by Omega » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:59 pm

Based on the pics of the model and that info you provided Sonic, I suspect the Gremory's 'Nanolaminate Coat' could be add-on armor a-la Virtue/FA Gundam, which can be ejected if needed.

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Post by E08 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:42 am

Translated updates on Gremory, Ortlinde (listed in pic as V03-0907 Oltlinde instead of the previous V03-1228 Ortlinde) and the new Vual Yuhana:

Gremory: A Gundam Frame MS owned by the Nadira(?) family. Boasts the highest class of defensive power amongst a number of MS, its upper body armor is covered with Nanolaminate Coat, which is stronger than the Nanolaminate Armor. With the absolute defense offered by the Nanolaminate Coat, Gremory would close in on the enemy and used its unique Battle Anchor. A huge anchor shaped weapon, the Battle Anchor was damaged during the Calamity War and has not been restored since then. With the damaged, single bladed Battle Anchor resembling the God of Death’s scythe, and combined with the suit’s hooded appearance, many who have seen the Gremory are reminded (? text unclear) of the God of Death. Like the other Gundam Frame, Gremory’s head has twin eyes and antennae. However, as the Nanolaminate Coat hood often covers it, it is extremely rare to see the head’s true look.

Gundam Vual Yuhana: Prepared by Gianmarco to support Argi. When it was decided that Sampo is the suit’s pilot, Yuhana registered the suit’s name without permission. The Gundam Vual’s frame, which is stripped of the Astaroth Origin’s exterior parts, was tailored to Sampo’s order. It is equipped with modified MS use sword and chopper that can be combined into a halberd, a pair of foldable chainsaws on the forearms and the same 210mm anti-material rifle used by Gundam Astaroth and in the past by Vual. However, the anti-material rifle is now mounted on the back instead.

Ortlinde/Oltlinde: A Valkyria Frame MS passed down the generations in the Jizin (?) Family. Its head share many similarities with the other Valkyria Frame MS, its main characteristic is the large antenna on the left side of the head. There are records of the suit fighting alongside the Nadira Family’s Gremory during the ending stages of the Calamity War. Using its high mobility, it primarily fights using twin blades, but this is not the suit’s original combat style. Its Valkyria Double Blade was originally developed as a Dainsleif launcher, but became a close combat weapon when the Dainseleif was banned after the Calamity War. One of Valkyria Double Blade’s twin blades is made of rare metal, and the weapon can separate into a pair of swords. Has Dainsleif launcher mechanism in the center parts that can be expanded (? text unclear) Connected to the frame of the left shoulder armor is a defense use binder. The mount latches on the binder’s underside is possibly for mounting Dainsleif related equipment during the Calamity War.

The Japanese wiki, citing Hobby Japan September and November issues, has additional info:
- Vual Yuhana is enhanced in terms of output and long-range combat capabilities.
- Ortlinde is used by the leader of Gjallarhorn’s internal regulatory (control?) unit, Orelus (Ollerus?) ギャラルホルン内部統制部隊「オレルス
- Incoming Gundam Frame: Nanao identified Gundam Seere as the Gundam Frame that killed Argi’s family and took his right arm.

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Post by bilbros » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:20 pm

Great info!

By the way, オレルス should be Ollerus, Latinized name for the Norse deity Ullr

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