Shadows of Novalia - Halo Inspired

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Shadows of Novalia - Halo Inspired

Post by Stargazer » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:36 pm

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The Novus Imperium was believed to be only a tall tale, with any attacks on the Orbital Union blamed on local Insurgents. That all changed when the Neptune Research Settlement went dark and out of now where, they attacked. Unknown to Mankind, the Novus Imperium's presence in the outer system is fueled by their personal agenda to find the gate, a powerful tool left behind by the Divine Ones. What this means is very unknown but one thing is certain, all the enemy leaves in its wake is merciless destruction but humanity is ready to fight back! Lock and Load Marines!

Welcome to Shadows of Novalia! Inspired by Halo and even Mass Effect to a point, this original story places members against both internal and external threats. Insurgents fight for their independence from the Orbital Union while the Imperium seeks to destroy all of humanity to gain access to Earth. If this story and it's content interest you, please read over our site lore and consider joining!

We Offer This!
- Player vs NPC environment, this means all characters are basically on the same side -
- Wonderful Lore and Original Back Stories -
- A vast but simple setting! Don't have to worry about getting lost between 50 different worlds -
- Room for member created content! Members are encouraged to bring forth ideas -
- No Face Claim Preference -
- Very simple board layout! Columned boards with simple descriptions and easy to access sub-forums -

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