Gundam Dominion Interest Check

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Gundam Dominion Interest Check

Post by Stargazer » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:21 pm

Hello! I'm trying to find if there is any interest in a classic Gundam RPG? And by classic I mean an original story with faction vs faction setups. I am writing the stuff as I post this with original settings, locations for military bases and even arts.

It is loosely Gundam SEED based in which a race engineered to be a forced evolution is suppressed socially and politically but this is not the actual reason for the conflict. Within the Global Alliance (the stories EF/EA) runs the plots of a group called Shadow Sphere, while they avoid the public eye the group is known by many as genocidal if their plans are meddled with such as their plan to stockpile weapons and equipment for a global take over. On the surface of the conflict NOVA (the stories Zeon/ZAFT) are working to make their mark on the world in keeping the fighting only to Alliance Territories and Hostile locations like their bases. However, there is a dark side to the Republic of Novalia which is run by a council of 15 main members. The Chairman of Defense wishes to make Inaugurators (Coordinators) people the dominant race across the globe and hopes to fade away the naturals existence. Colonies and Earth nations are of course, in danger of these ambitions between both factions so there are a lot of loyalties split between everyone.

Now, I've seen this done in every gundam story, is there no way to spice this up with something fresh if anyone has any ideas? Something not typically done between warring factions like this?

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