Mobile Suit Gundam: Liberation

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Liberation

Post by Haruma » Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:26 pm


It is the year UCE 042, the world is plagued by the ravages of war between the ever-powerful Unified Earth Alliance and the determination of those fighting for the glory of the Republic of Altera. In an effort to bring their ideals to the general public and begin moving humanity into space, those who have rejected these ideals have been labeled an enemy and will be swept aside. It is unknown if the war will last long but one thing is for certain one side wants their power to be acknowledged and the other wants to shepherd us all off of the planet, is either one the correct choice?

What We Have
- A Linear style story affected by Player Actions!
- No Need to know the Know, Just sign up an join in!
- Constant evolving content from new mobile suits to new tech ideas!
- A newly opened community!
- Wanna Staff or are looking to get some experience staffing? We are currently looking too!

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