Lots of RARE Gundam on ebay

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Lots of RARE Gundam on ebay

Post by sledgeviper » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:58 pm

Disclaimer: My apologies if this type of thread is not permitted in this forum, I don't mean to do this maliciously and I'll respect the admins right to move or remove this thread entirely. I couldn't find rules against such postings, but it's possible I over looked it.

Greetings fellow gunpla enthusiasts, the time is giving is nearly upon us and thusly I have decided to bank-in on some rare and collectable Gundam kits in my collection; in addition, I could really us the money.

http://www.ebay.com/sch/urban_devil/m.h ... 7675.l2562

The sweet-spots are my conversion kits, ranging from 1/144, 1/100, 1/60, as well as plastic to Resin, Original kits and recasts. You'll find that my auctions on ebay are diverse with Mecha from many factions and not just Zakus and RX-78s (infact, there's very few of those.) I've been collecting and doing gunpla for nearly 2 decades now, so I know a good price when I see it even if that means the item has appreciated in value. I've done my research on my Kits and I've marked them to be the lowest on ebay.

There are some Official kits that are limited edition and rare too, some are not only rare but have become VERY expensive, and some have become more frequent and still boast a large price-tag, even with these my prices are the lowest on ebay

Sorry I'm not really interested in trades as I need the money. Buyer pays all shipping. I need to calculate the shipping for several items cause they're not what ebay is suggesting.

All inquiries: please send to my ebay account, as I'm really don't want to manage replies from several forums. Please, really.

*1/60 PG Zaku option Parts 1(x1), 2(x2)
*1/60 PG Gundam option parts 1, 2 (both missing manual atm, 'trying to find them, will ship manuals for free.)
*1/60 Gouf Conversion kit for PG zaku. Yes I do have a PG zaku frame that is assembled and ready to be used, but it's got some Cheese Wax that has to be cleaned off and is missing a lot of it's zaku armor. no missing critical pieces, one top-foot armor is missing. Frame is not yet put up for auction. 100% original Hobby Club/ Five Star Workshop version.
*1/60 PG Gundam FA (Full Armor) conversion kit 99% original
*1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom 2005 expo http://dalong.net/review/mg/lmw0/p/lmw0_01.jpg
*MG Strike Noir version-up parts e2046 recast
*MG VP (Vicous Project) Shinrai/Oowashi Akatsuki conversion kit Hobbyfan recast
*MG CW (Core works) EX-S gundam perfect proportions ver2. Hobbyfan recast
*MY2M-MG-W01 God Gundam light-up-hands kit
*EX model S-Gundam attacker
*HGUC Clear Zeta Gundam (Movie promo version)
*HGUC Clear Hyaku Shiki (Movie promo version)
*vintage 1/144 Jamru Fin
*HGUC Z gundam box set limited edition Mirror coatings (4 mechs)
*1/144 Neo Geo resin kit (Gundam version, not Dragons Heaven/Hymn, not 1/220 version)
*HG 1/144 Hyrda Gundam
*HG 1/144 NW (Nano Works) Exia Motion Improvement kit. Not recast.
*HG 1/144 Sword Calamity conversion set NIB + Bonus: Green sprues to create Beam Saber effect.
*HCM PRO Hambrabi

Things I MIGHT sell if given a -G-O-O-D- offer... Pix will be posted at request. Serious inquiries only, no chislers, I'm well aware of the value and rarity of these kits, your reasons and/or "411" will go unheeded and irritability will result in you will being denied. Serious inquires, with serious prices will be considered.
1/144 MAN-3 Gei Drei resin. Original (NOT the 1/220)
Quovadis Fidelis ORIGINAL KIT W BOX (has some pinning, parts are off the sprues.)
Quovadis X ORIGINAL KIT W BOX (has some pinning, parts are off the sprues.)
Quovadis felon Hobbyfan RECAST
1/144 LM Taurus (WHITE) wing pegs needs to be replaced. no box or instructions. come with gun
1/144 LM Taurus (BLACK) (clean paint job, wing pegs needs to be replaced. no box or instructions. comes with gun.
1/144 LM Leo

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Re: Lots of RARE Gundam on ebay

Post by Dale » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:37 pm

Ignore post, testing only

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