Stardust Tears - A Gundam RPG

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Stardust Tears - A Gundam RPG

Post by Haruma » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:08 pm

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New Common Era 2305, The worlds governments have converged around three economic bloc's. The United Federation Alliance which is simply known as the Federation, The Central Alliance which is an evolved European Union, and the Grand Eastern Union which makes up most of Asia.

The Conflict known as the reconstruction war has brought about new political standings and through the completion of the Solar Power Grid, the world is prosperous. However, as conflicts between nations continues, a new group has stepped in.

What to Expect
Four fully joinable factions
A list of pre-made Mobile Suits
A short form Application
The ability to eventually customize weapons of your own
Evolved Humanoid Races
An ever growing world

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