Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century Chronicles

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century Chronicles

Post by Darkapostle222 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:34 am

So I could create a long, clever advertisement for my new site but I guess I'll just copy paste part of it here:

So the story behind the site is rather simple. As a big Gundam fan and part-time rper, about a year or so ago I had the idea to create a Roleplay set in the Universal Century. Inspired by various Mangas and Games (Zeonic Front, Lost War Chronicles, Thoroughbred, Legacy, and U.C. Climax). Basically the premise is simple: Starting off in the ending months of UC 0079, the story is meant to follow characters throughout the conflicts that tore apart the Earth Sphere ranging from the One Year War to the Laplace's Box Incident as they struggle to survive in original battles as well as events we've all seen in canon.

Now this RP has had a few iterations before on another site but I always felt that it was limited in scope. With it's own site devoted to it I think I have the freedom to do much more with the RP. While the beginning of the RP's story will be limited to the North American Front on Earth, at the end of the One Year War and afterwards characters will have far more freedom to decide where they want to go. A Zeon soldier can decide stay with Republic of Zeon or continue fighting as a Remnant. A Feddie (after the events of Operation Stardust) can remain with the Federation, become a Titan or even join the AEUG.

So please check it out:

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or on the site itself. I've always believed that the scope of the Universal Century means it's ripe for storytelling opportunities. I'm hoping that this RP will be a means for all of us to cooperate and create something awesome!

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