Mobile Suit Gundam: REDEEMER

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Mobile Suit Gundam: REDEEMER

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  • An original story set in an open-universe
  • Play as regular humans, or up the ante with playable alien races
  • Journey the stars and colonize planets and moons
  • Enter the GAUNTLET! A coliseum-like event featuring mobile weapons as the gladiators
  • High-End Custom Units allowed from the start! Pilot that custom you've been aching to try!
  • and more!
The Story:

In the year 2032 the people of Earth were visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms. These beings, identifying themselves as “Edens”, brought mankind new levels of technology that would advance them thousands of years beyond their time. For the first time in decades there was complete peace. The people of Earth were united, free from war, and the economy was booming. The new technology, collectively referred to as “Pieces of Eden”, were immediately put to use. High tech metropolises popped up in deserts and slums while the already bustling cities already standing grew larger. It was the dawn of a new era. Of course, as history would reveal – it was about to repeat itself.

Man. Primitive, carnal. Doomed to fail from the start, powerful men grew hungry for more power. Private militias were raised, new weapons developed. It appeared the world would explode in all-out war. In 2044, the United Nations experienced a schism resulting in several companies breaking off and forming the Ebonheart. In response, the UN re-established themselves under new leadership – taking up the name United Nations of Earth. The first conflict would be in Gaza, however no shots would be fired and no casualties as a result.

In 2048 the United Nations of Earth turned their attention to the stars. Terraforming technology was in its infancy, however the various powers of the UNE believed it would be beneficial to expanding their power. Ebonheart spies caught wind of these plans, and upon reveal ushered in the first terraforming race, resulting in the development of the first mobile suit – the Gaius. Both sides traveled to different planets, complimented by new space travel technology allowing for months or years of travel in hours. Within two years the moon, Mars, and Venus experienced terraforming and were colonized. Small village-like plantations emerged across the surface, and life spread across the solar system.

On New Year’s, 2054 the Eden returned, this time revealing to mankind the existence of Harbinger Relay Stations. They explained the HRS’s purpose was to unite the universe, linking several galaxies and ecosystems together. It was the first time man would be able to travel outside the solar system, and thus interact with the community of the cosmos. Within 10 years, mass trading and more was rampant between Earth and the other systems. The United Nations of Earth spearheading Earth’s involvement, they quickly established themselves within the Harbinger Relay Council (HRC). The UNE Supreme Minister, Cullen McCornac, worked his way in as the HRC Chairman. Meanwhile, the Ebonheart grew quietly in the outskirts of the various Mars plantations, preparing for their rise.

By 2060 the Ebonheart had developed their own mobile suits, this time armed for combat – the Ebonheart Light Assault Type (ELAT) - “Gigas”. This would be the first combat ready mobile suit, ready for light assault. With this mobile suit, the Ebonheart carried out various campaigns against the UNE, taking many important facilities with no contest. In response, the UNE armed the Gaius, making modifications until the mobile suit became what is now the United Nations of Earth-Heavy Assault Type (UNE-HAT) - “Garus”. That same year the two sides officially declared war. With this the Harbinger Relay Council declared a new ear – the Aetas Redemptor (Age of the Redeemer) – declaring it the end times. The nations of Earth accepted this new era, stating it all began in 2044 with the United Nations schism.

Now 29AR, both the UNE and the Ebonheart have amassed great armies, led by elite soldiers piloting powerful mobile suits called “Gundams”. In neutral territory, the citizens enjoy Gauntlet circuits, coliseum-like matches where stray or neutral Gundam pilots pit their skills against one another. Others turn to exploration, using the various Harbinger Relays to travel the galaxy in search of their next big score.

Welcome to Mobile Suit: REDEEMER…

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