Gundam SEEDLING, the Destinysmith Saga

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Gundam SEEDLING, the Destinysmith Saga

Post by Amion » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:21 am

Because I am a chimerical being who knows not rest nor restraint, I have embarked upon not one long multimillion word quest to retell Gundam AGE in a fantastic, epic way, but two epic multimillion word quests, this one SEED being the honorable story of choice.

SEED :roll: , the oft over-rewritten series that many supposedly hate but for some reason love to read or rewrite with their impressions of what we wanted or think we all want. Please prepare, but not for a typical fanfictional retelling of Gundam SEED. Far from it:!:

I intend this fanfiction to be as original as possible in its plot and scale as possible while still remaining distinctly SEED. Therefore this story begins by the retelling of not just Destiny but SEED as well; delving into that often unexplored realm of the altered genetic code for which the people of the Cosmic Era fight and die.

Fear not for bloodshed, for ne'er in vain doth valor bleed! I shall endeavor to exploit the aspects of hope in the midst of turmoil, the overcoming of evil in the darkest moments, and hopefully a pinch of good humor and cheer. Will I succeed? Shall I triumph in a quest to form from the overused clay of SEED a fanfiction that illuminates forgiveness and light over certain doom and the black abyss of hate? The only way is to read and find out....

The double helix of DNA, the absolute measure for what makes us Human Beings. What if you separated the two? What if you could change your blueprint? Is this Man's key to freeing himself of Destiny, or was there ever such a thing at all? Stormclouds gather as Mankind drives itself into a war with two sides and one future that can't be shared…

Mobile Suit Gundam the Destinysmith Saga, Book 1 of 5: Gundam SEEDLING

Please expect and do not be afraid of the appearance of one or two characters from other fanfictions I consider malleable enough to fit my own designs. There will be precious few of them, and those that appear will enrich the story for the story's sake, not author-ego stroking or fangasming.
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