03-12-15: Secret siblings

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03-12-15: Secret siblings

Post by Chris » Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:52 am

Chris wrote:The slow work of catching up on Gundam Reconguista continues today with reviews for episodes 15-18. Although this is still behind the broadcast run, at least it's not as far behind as before. I also want to make note of Right Stuf's recent listing for the first DVD box set of Turn A Gundam. It's rare to see a release come back from the dead after being canceled, so this second chance shouldn't be passed up. The lack of an English dub or no Blu-ray version might dissuade some buyers, but at this point they're immaterial concerns. Folks, this is crunch time for Gundam in Western fandom. If these releases don't sell, there isn't going to be a third chance down the line to buy things. If you really claim to support something, you have to do so when that support can actually have an impact.
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